Angry Kid is a series of stop-motion animations from Darren Walsh at Aardman Animations, depicting the mini-adventures of a teenaged brat named Angry Kid (voiced by Darren Walsh) with a serious attitude problem.

Most of the episodes contain adult content.

Angry Kid is not clay animation as is usual with Aardman productions, but a combination of pixilation, mask replacement, and live-action. It is a technique, pioneered by Darren Walsh, and involves taking a live actor, sitting perfectly still and being moved like a puppet, while masks are replaced, to give the effect of speech and shot frame by frame.

The series is currently shown on digital channel BBC Three and Dave between some shows from 9:00 PM. The series is also shown on Teletoon in Canada. Season 1 and 2 have both been released on DVD in the United Kingdom, and Australia.

All the Angry Kid animations are free to watch and / or download on the Atom Films website. A compilation DVD entitled Aardman's Dark Side was also released, and it contains several season 2 episodes and an exclusive episode.

Due to the short length of each episode, Angry Kid has become famous for being downloaded to mobile phones and shown to friends at schools and workplaces.