"Blood Juice" is the 4th episode in Season 1 in Angry Kid.


Angry Kid is sitting in the back of Dad's car, constantly asking, "How many miles 'till we get there?". Then, Angry Kid starts playing with his Angry Kid boxing puppet. The puppet punches Angry Kid in the face, causing a nose bleed. Angry Kid wipes it off his face and keeps showing the blood to Dad, saying, "Blood juice!". He then blows his nose with a tissue, making the blood go all over his face. Again, Angry Kid tells Dad, "Blood juice!". Finally, Dad gets very annoyed.


Transcript Edit

Angry Kid: Are we there yet?

Dad: Nope.

Angry Kid: What about now?

Dad: No.

Angry Kid: How many miles till we...

Dad: Be quiet!

Angry Kid: Ooh. Yeah? You want some? Hey! Hey! Hey..unh! (grunts) (sniffing) Blood juice? (sniffs) Blood juice? (sniffing) (sniff, blowing) Blood juice?

Dad: Oh, for God's sake!

(tires screeching)

Dad: Right, get out! I just hope you're happy with yourself. Dirty little sod! D'oh! Lean...lean back! Pinch your nose there! G'OHH! You have a bloody shirt now!