Angry Kid Captain Buggernuts

Angry Kid as Captain Buggernuts, the Masked Bum Cake Avenger

Captain Buggernuts, the Masked Bum Cake Avenger is Angry Kid's alter-ego in "Superhero."

As Captain Buggernuts the Idiotic Avenger, Angry Kid's mission is to defeat Dr. Assrot and his fat henchmen and save the world on his trusty hydro chopper. Angry Kid was about to drive away into the street, but before he can, he falls off his chopper when a dog (who works for Dr. Arserot) knocks it over. Enraged, Angry Kid tackles the dog and begins to fight with him. Then Lady Angel Butt (Lil' Sis' alter-ego) flies into the scene and kills the dog with a chainsaw. His costume destroyed, Angry Kid gets up and asks Lady Angel Butt how he can repay her and she saws off Angry Kid's other piece of hair in response and flies away. A bit puzzled, Angry Kid thanks Lady Angel Butt and witnesses his destroyed chopper.

Then two dogs grabbed Angry Kid's bones with their mouths. Angry Kid then screamed in pain, and fell down to the ground.