"Car Sick" is the 1st episode in Season 1 in Angry Kid. Like all the episodes in the first two seasons, it was first posted by Aardman's Dark Side and was re-uploaded to Youtube by Angry Kid himself on May 26, 2016.


Angry Kid (Darren Walsh), the main character, is sitting in the back of Dad (David Holt)'s car. He is holding a chocolate bar and a can of Coke, and has chocolate around his mouth. To annoy Dad, Angry Kid keeps pretending that he is going to "jub up" (be sick), and even puts his head out of the window of the car, which makes Dad very angry. He puts two of his fingers close to his mouth and motions them going inward to indicate he's going to throw up, but when Dad rolls into a parking lot, he abruptly stops the car, causing Angry kid to jerk forward and have his fingers go into his mouth. In response to his fingers being at the back of his throat, his body throws up, forcing him to keep the contents in his mouth. He tries releasing it outside, but Dad reminds him to stay away from the window. Left with no alternative, he swallows it.


Angry Kid: are we there yet!

DAD: no, Get your head back in here this minute!

Angry Kid: "I feel sicky,...erh,...I'm gonna jub up, uh, eh, uh, mmh, eh, MMh!"

(Stops the car)

DAD: Will you STOP, Being so bloody childish, I said get away from the window!


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