"Chips" is the 16th episode in Season 1 in Angry Kid.

Chips - Angry Kid

Chips - Angry Kid


Angry Kid is at school in the playground, standing behind the brick wall. He is standing outside a chipper, eating a 50p portion chips from a newspaper. He then tells the viewer that he's got "chippies", and then laughs. Then, Angry Kid tries tossing the chips into his mouth, but misses every time, which attracts the attention of scoffchops. "OY!", Angry Kid exclaims. He tells scoffchops that the chips are his chips, not for the doggy; for him. Angry Kid then eats another chip. He then shows the crunched up chip (which is on his tongue) to scoffchops. Scoffchops starts barking at Angry Kid. Angry Kid gives scoffchops a mean look, then blows a raspberry at him. scoffchops then jumps up and grabs Angry Kid's tongue with his mouth, making Angry Kid fall down with him (thus letting the chips go in the process).