Angry Kid Dad

Dad hitting Angry Kid.


-dad's catchphrase when Angry Kid asks him if they're there yet.

Dad is the main antagonist of the series. He is Angry Kid's and Lil' Sis's father, Mum's ex-husband and a short-tempered, unseen, country music-obsessed man, who usually hit Angry Kid with a newspaper whenever he did something naughty. Philosophical

Dad may have caused both Mum's leaving and Angry Kids behavior, with his neglect/abuse and possible alcoholism, as seen in the Angry Kid special. Unlike most characters, Dad is never seen on camera. In the Series 3 episode "Stephen", it is revealed that Dad is saddened that Mum is now in a relationship with another man named Stephen.

Dad telling Angry Kid off.

Dad wears a black long-sleeved shirt

Dad was voiced by David Holt.