Dolly - Angry Kid-0

Dolly - Angry Kid-0

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Angry Kid DollyEdit


Angry Kid Was Playing With One Of Lil Sister's Doll

Angry Kid Puts The Doll And Stab It 3 Times And Squirts

Jar Of Ketchup And Turn On The Blender Thus Destroying

The Doll Then Dad Comes In And Asked If They're Playing Dolls Together Angry Kid Says No Due To Angry Kid's

Behavior Dad Orders To Stop Teasing Her And Give The

Doll Back To Her Angry Kid Pushed A Ketchup Off The

Table And Dumbs It Out And The Doll Is Destroyed And

Dad Orders Angry Kid To Go To His Room But Angry Kid

Tries To Fix The Doll But Dad Yells At Him To Go To His Room And The Credits Roll As Angry Kid Destroying The

Doll In A Blender And Lil Sister Is Sad And Very Distraught