"Jackanory" is the 19th episode in Season 2 in Angry Kid.


Angry Kid tells the story of Little Red Riding Twat.

Speccy (as Little Red Riding Twat) comes by, with duct tape stuck to his mouth (it is possible that Angry Kid did it to him earlier). Then, Lil' Sis (as Granny) comes up. Then, an evil dog (as the Wolf) comes up, and pretends to eat Lil' Sis.

At the end, the dog comes back up and starts talking in an old voice. Angry Kid and Speccy get startled.


  • Darren Walsh as Angry Kid
  • Mike Cooper as Myles "Speccy" / Little Red Riding Twat
  • [[]] as Lil' Sis / Granny (even though she doesn't speak in the episode)
  • [[]] as Dog / The Wolf / Granny

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