Jemima was Lil' Sis' favorite doll in "Doll."

Jemima was first seen being played with by Angry Kid. But when Lil' Sis arrived at the dinner table, Angry Kid claimed that he hates dolls, especially Jemima. Angry Kid punched her, then grabbed a blender from under the table, and put it on the table. He then grabbed a knife and stabbed Jemima 3 times, while saying, "Die! Die! Die!". He then laughed. Angry Kid then grabbed a ketchup bottle and squirted it on Jemima, pretending that it's blood. Then he turned the blender on, destroying Jemima. He then cackled evilly. Angry Kid then told Lil' Sis that "she's gone all runny". Angry Kid then told the destroyed Jemima, "Hello, soupy girl!", and chuckled. Dad asked Angry Kid what all that was. When he saw Jemima, he asked his son if he and Lil' Sis are playing dollies together. Angry Kid said no. "No?", asked the puzzled Dad. "No.", said Angry Kid. Dad asked Angry Kid if the doll was in the blender. "No.", responded Angry Kid. He then tried to act innocent. Dad told Angry Kid to stop teasing Lil' Sis and to give it back to her. When Angry Kid didn't, Dad told him in a strict voice, "NOW." Angry Kid grabbed the blender cup, put it upside down, and shook it to try and get Jemima out. Jemima came out, but she was all squashed up. Lil' Sis was beginning to feel like crying a little bit. "Right! Go to your room!" exclaimed the enraged Dad. Angry Kid tried to fix Jemima, but Dad interrupted his speech by yelling, "GO TO YOUR ROOM!!". Angry Kid then got startled.