"Kidnap" is the 25th episode in Season 1 in Angry Kid.

Kidnap - Angry Kid

Kidnap - Angry Kid


Angry Kid is ridding in Dad's car, asking his father, "Are we there yet?", but only taking an answer "No!" from him. Angry then loudly blows his nose with a tissue, saying that he's got "snot blocks". Annoyed and frustrated, Dad orders Angry Kid not to push his luck or he will take him to the children's home. Taking his warning personally, Angry tells Dad that he doesn't love him, but he silences him by shouting "SHUT UP!". Feeling bad and revengeful, Angry uses the tissue as a whip and smacks his father, making him scream in pain. Enraged by the mild violence from his own son, Dad eventually gives up and tells Angry Kid that he's taking him to the children's home. Angry Kid then becomes scared, and begs him not to do it, saying that he was "just joking". And when Dad refuses to reassure him (as if he could give him another chance to behave), as another effort to pay him back, Angry Kid ties the tissue around his mouth, writes on a piece of paper, "Help! Kidnap," and then shows it to a police car following from behind. When the police car starts honking its siren horn at Dad's car, Angry Kid then cackles evilly, thinking that his plan is going to work.

As the credits start rolling, Dad is promptly pulled over by the police (who believe Angry Kid's help sign). At first, the officer tells Dad to step out of the car, but when Dad stammers, he shouts at him, "NOW!"

However, Angry Kid ends up at the home anyway, which means his plan to get Dad arrested is foiled. As Dad drives away, laughing evilly at the joy of finally defeating Angry Kid, he yells out to him, "BOLLOCKS!".


Transcript Edit

(country music playing)

Angry Kid: Are we there yet?

Dad: No!

Angry Kid: I got snot blocks.

(nose blowing)

Dad: Leave it!

Angry Kid: But I...

Dad: DON'T...push your luck, or I'll take you to the children's home.

Angry Kid: You don't care about me. It's not fair. You don't love me. You don't love...


(country music playing)

(whipping sound effect)

Dad: G'OWW! Ooh! Right! That's it! I've had enough of you, I'm taking you to the home!

Angry Kid: Oh, no! Oh, no, not the home, Dad! Dad, please, not the home! No, Dad! I was just joking! I'll be do...PLEASE! Please, no! Oh...


(police emergency siren)

Angry Kid: (sinister giggle)

Dad: Oh, bloody hell! Oh, uh... Good afternoon, officer. Err, wh..wha...

Police Officer: Turn the engine off, sir, and step out of the vehicle.

Dad: Uhh, wh...

Police Officer: NOW!

Dad: (evilly chuckling and laughing) BOLLOCKS! (evil laughter)