"Kidnap" is the 25th episode in Season 1 in Angry Kid.


Angry Kid is sitting in the back of Dad's car with a tissue. He then asks Dad, "Are we there yet?". "NO!", shouts the frustrated Dad. Angry Kid loudly blows his nose, saying that he's got "snot blocks". Annoyed, Dad tells Angry Kid to not push his luck or he will take him to the children's home. Angry Kid tells Dad that he doesn't love him. Feeling bad, Angry Kid whips Dad with the tissue. Dad eventually gives up and tells Angry Kid that he's taking him to the children's home. Scared, Angry Kid begs him not to. When Dad doesn't reassure him, Angry Kid ties the tissue around his mouth and writes on a piece of paper, "Help! Kidnap," and then shows it to a passing police car. When the police car starts honking its horn at Dad. Angry Kid then cackles evilly, thinking that his plan is going to work.

As the credits start rolling, Dad is promptly pulled over by the police (who believe Angry Kid's help sign). The officer tells Dad to step out of the car. "NOW!", yells the officer.

However, Angry Kid ends up at the home anyway, and his plan to get Dad arrested is ruined. As Dad laughs evilly at the joy of finally defeating Angry Kid, he yells out to him, "BOLLOCKS!!".


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