An unfinished model of Li'l Sis.

Lil' Sis

Dad telling Angry Kid off.

was the secondary antagonist-turned deuteragonist of the series. She was Angry Kid's little sister (hence her name), Dad's and Mom's daughter, and a young, 6-year-old Cute Little girl. Her name may be Poppy or Poppit, This may be because Her Dad most of time calls her "Poppit."

Lil' Sis usually never talked in the episodes and specials, She had a few lines in Who do I think I am , and only had 1 line in Angry Kid's Dark Side.

Lil' Sis was usually teased by Angry Kid (which is the reason why she does not like him).

Lil' Sis was also smarter than her big brother.

In the episode, "Doll," Angry Kid was playing with Lil' Sis' favorite doll, Jemima, then started kissing her just as Lil' Sis arrived at the table. Angry Kid told Lil' Sis, "Oh hello, you.", then chuckled. Angry Kid then told Lil' Sis that he hates dolls -- especially Jemima. He then punched Jemima, and Lil' Sis got scared. Angry Kid the grabbed a blender, put it on the table, then put Jemima in the blender. Then, he grabbed a knife and started stabbing Jemima while saying, "Die! Die! Die!", and then laughed. Angry Kid then grabbed a ketchup bottle and squirted ketchup on Jemima, pretending that it's blood. Then he turned the blender on, destroying Jemima. Angry Kid then started laughing evilly. Jemima's leg was then showing in the blender.

Lil' Sis had yellow hair with 2 braids on her head.

Lil' Sis usually wore a black long-sleeved sweater with red, yellow, green, and red lines with black overalls and blue bowties on ponytails.

At the end of an episode, Lil' Sis usually ends up defeating Angry Kid or getting back at him.

Lil' Sis . She was voiced by ◾Beth Chalmers And Jo Allen.