Myles "Speccy" is Angry Kid's "best friend". He is a kind, pleasant, and innocent nerd.

Speccy made his debut in series 2.

Why Speccy and Angry Kid are friends is questionable. It's possible that Speccy only hangs out with Angry Kid just to get him in trouble.

Speccy has short black hair and blue eyes.

Speccy always wears glasses, and he usually wore a white suit with a red tie, a green long-sleeved sweater on the suit, long tan pants, and black shoes.

Speccy is allergic to nuts (as revealed in the episode, "Swollen"). In the episode, he became completely disfigured after Angry Kid regardlessly shoved a handful down his throat while his mouth was open when Angry Kid punched him on the shoulder.

Speccy is always the victim of Angry Kid's antics (as Angry Kid asks Speccy to do his homework for him (which would be "cheating"), or doesn't let Speccy watch action-films with him).

In "Who Do I Think I Am?", it was revealed that Speccy's real name was "Myles." He was voiced by Mike Cooper.

Speccy As A Young KidEdit

In the very first episodes, Speccy was seen as a little kid. However, in the current episodes, he is seen as a pre-teen.