"Speed" is the 22th episode in Season 1 in Angry Kid.

Speed - Angry Kid

Speed - Angry Kid


Angry Kid is on the run from the police. However, neither officer realizes that the clone of angry kid is actually in the back of their car with a walkie-talkie, making them think he has hacked into the police radio. Then, the cops grabbed the clone. The cops then begin to beating the clone, and the cops starts beating the clone with a stick. Then, Angry Kid gets on Lil' Sis' bicycle, and imitates a siren to the police, then shouts, "Bollocks!". The officers are still beating the clone.


  • Darren Walsh as Angry Kid
  • [[]] as Police Officer #1
  • [[]] as Police Officer #2
  • [[]] as Clone of Angry Kid
  • [[]] as Lil' Sis (cameo) (even though she doesn't speak in the episode)