"Superhero" is the 17th episode in Season 1 in Angry Kid.


Angry Kid is now Captain Buggernuts, the Masked Bum Cake Avenger. His mission is to save the world from the evil "Dr. Assrot" and his evil accomplices on his trusty hydro chopper. Angry Kid is about to drive away, but before he can, however, he falls off his chopper when an evil dog knocks it over. The dog then looks at the camera and snickers evilly. Angry Kid gets up and tackles the dog. He and the dog start fighting, with the dog gaining the upper hand on Angry Kid. Then, Lady Angel Butt (Lil' Sis) flies by, grabs a chainsaw, and kills the dog by sawing it. The dog then whimpers. Angry Kid gets up (with his mask off), and thanks Lady Angel Butt for saving him. He then asks, "How can I ever repay you?". Then, Lady Angel Butt saws off Angry Kid's hair (which appeared to be hiding bone), and flies away.

Then, 2 dogs (who obviously seem to work for the dog boss) grab Angry Kid's bones with their mouths to avenge their boss. Angry Kid then screams in pain, and falls down.


  • Darren Walsh as Angry Kid / Captain Buggernuts, the Masked Bum Cake Avenger
  • [[]] as Lil' Sis / Lady Angel Butt (cameo) (even though she doesn't speak in the episode)
  • Dog Boss / Dogs as themselves

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