"Tourettes" is the 9th episode in Season 2 of Angry Kid.

Tourettes - Angry Kid

Tourettes - Angry Kid


Angry Kid is sitting in the back of Dad's car. He starts pretending that he has Tourettes Syndrome, making Dad become evermore angry.



Angry Kid: (Straining and puts his hands over his mouth)

Dad:What are you doing?

Angry Kid: Dunno dad? (twitches) I can't stop myself... Bugger wee piss poo... (Puts hand over mouth)

Dad: What did you just say?!

Angry Kid: Bugger wee piss poo boobies!

Dad: Why you dirty little...

Angry Kid: I... I think I uh... got Tourette's... BUMHOLE! ...Syndrome.

Dad: Bumhole what?

Angry Kid: No no no Tourette's, dad, where you can't stop yourself saying things you baldy fudge packer!

Dad: What did you just call me?!

Angry Kid: You you you can't hit me, it's a condition... Wood knob cheese! Boo willy dribble! Slut! It's a curse really it is Tourette's.

Dad: Just, just a minute, how do I know you're not just being filthy?

Angry Kid: You won't dad, you big bucket of arse! Sorry, I can't stop it. Oh, oh no, there's a big one coming on.

(He puts his hands on his mouth)

Angry Kid: (Saying random swear words and runs out of words too say)

Dad: (Annoyed) Finished?

Angry Kid: Yes I think so...

(Credits roll)