"Who Do I Think I Am?" is a half-hour special on Angry Kid. It was broadcast on BBC Three at 7:30 on Christmas Eve in the United Kingdom and was afterward posted in seven parts, each in its own video, on Youtube and DailyMotion. On January 22, 2016, the full special was posted by Aardman's Dark Side (or rather Angry Kid himself) on YouTube in high definition. Since then, all videos featuring it in parts are no longer available.

Who Do You Think You Are - Angry Kid (Special)

Who Do You Think You Are - Angry Kid (Special)


In Part One, the special immediately starts with Angry Kid riding his bicycle to school while knocking down people's property, ignoring traffic rules, and even accidentally grabbing a man's disembodied leg after temporarily going off road, which he throws back when he yells at him to give it back. When he gets to the school, he rides his bike inside the building and is seen riding it all the way to his class. However, as soon as he gets to the door, his bicycle jerks forward, he flies through the air and crashes into Speccy (who sits right next to him) and a bunch of other kids start throwing things at him. When their teacher enters the room, he fiercely commands him to sit down and asks him who he thinks he is. He tells her he never thought about it, and he gives him an assignment to have a ten-page essay about exactly that due by next week, or he will be doing physical lunges with Ms. Griffin, one of the strictest physical education teachers in the school. He tells him it's not fair, and he tells him not to make excuses and annoyingly reminds him to refer to him as 'Sir' and not 'Miss,' which, comically, turns out to be a surprise to him. The opening theme plays, and in the next scene his dad has picked him up and Angry Kid is begging to get home. When asked, he reluctantly says he has homework to get done. Dad assumes there is a teacher he wants to impress, and he goes into details about how he once had an Art teacher named Mrs Flemming, and he hid in the supply closet hoping to surprise her. Angry Kid tells him he doesn't want to know, and that he just wants his bike fixed.

In the essay, apparance the chapters of the First and Second Season:

1. Doll

2. Catapult

3. Table Menace

4. Russian Roulette

5. Road Safety

6. Cake

7. Road Hog

8. Swollen

9. Jackanory

10. Snail

11. Dustbin

12. Marathon Man